Fazira is kneeling down and her hands are in her sack garden plants. She wears a blue dress and head wrap and she is smiling.

Fazira, a disability rights activist in Uganda.

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  • Vireak, Cambodia

    Vireak, Cambodia

    A young leader fighting for change in Cambodia.

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  • Joseph, Tanzania

    Joseph, Tanzania

    Fighting for disability rights and empowering young people to change lives.

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  • FUWATIVA, Tanzania

    FUWATIVA, Tanzania

    An organisation of deaf women in Tanzania changing lives and advocating for equality.

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  • Happiness, Uganda

    Happiness, Uganda

    Happiness is working to tackle violence against disabled women in Tanzania and is making long-lasting changes for her community.

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  • Peter, Uganda

    Peter, Uganda

    Peter is disability activist is the Executive Director, Source of the Nile Union for People with Albinism.

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  • Madipha, Uganda

    Madipha, Uganda

    MADPIHA have been changing the lives of disabled people with AIDs in Uganda for over 20 years. 

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  • Puspha, Bangladesh

    Puspha, Bangladesh

    Pushpa is a member of a self-help group in Bangladesh. She shares the impact that joining an organisation of disabled persons has had on her life.

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  • Elkhansa, Sudan

    Elkhansa, Sudan

    Youth leadership in action in Sudan.

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