Dorice is a Tanzanian woman with albinism. She wears dark clothes and a cap, and stands next to Daniel, and Dorice, who wears a blue dress and stands using crutches. They are talking with a man who is turned away from the camera, by a tree in a garden.

Daniel, Dorice, Tahiya, Young disability Leaders, Tanzania.

Dorice’s Story.

Supporting Young Leaders in Tanzania.

Supporting the next generation of activists.

Dorice is a part of our ‘Young Leaders’ programme to develop the leadership skills of young activists in the countries where we work. Here she shares here story. 

“After graduating from university, I started to apply for jobs based on my professional qualification. Unfortunately, I was not successful since some of the employers had a negative mindset; they believe I can’t work and deliver according to what is needed because of my disability.

I decided to stop applying and to engage in volunteering activities to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with disabilities in our community.

Dorice playing basketball.

Through the Young Leaders program I have developed different skills, knowledge and expertise.

I have had disability movement training where I learned about disability law and I have been able to advocate for the inclusion of young people with disabilities in employment.

Article 31 (2) from disability act 9, 2010 emphasizes “that employers of about 20 employees must employ 3% of persons with disabilities. 

This article has helped me to shed more light on the injustice which has kept a lot of young girls and women out of employment simply because they are living with a disability.

Through the programme I have been interacting with a mentor who is an expert in social media use. I have learnt how to how to use social media to advance my advocacy work. I have also learnt how to be a good leader and team player. I have acquired skills in planning, management and evaluation of activities and problem-solving.

Having spent time with organisations of people with disabilities, I have learnt how they are run and also improved my confidence through seeing that youth with disabilities can do anything.

I aspire to start a local organisation that will help to solve the challenges that women, young people and children with disabilities are facing since I am a living example of overcoming those challenges. I want to help create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and, therefore an inclusive community. This incredible opportunity has made me feel I have value. I recommend that there are more opportunities like this, and that the organisation hire more people with disabilities as full employees so as to be an example to other organizations by having employees with disabilities.

This programme is helping me to acquire employment skills. I did not have any experience working in an international office. We are taking part in different activities within the office, so this is a good roadmap for me to develop my career and enable me to hold a senior position in the future.

As a young disabled woman as it is hard to get these opportunities.

This programme is special because it helps increase the number of young activists who can go on to strive for the rights of people with disabilities.”

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Dorice with fellow young leader, Daniel.

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