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International Aid Transparency Initiative. ADD International is committed to being an open and accountable organisation. For this reason, we adhere to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and, to the greatest degree possible, we aim to demonstrate clearly the sources of our funding and how they are used.  

Read our ‘Open Information’ policy.

There will be certain circumstances in which the level of detail will be restricted.  These will be judged on a case by case basis and are described in our Exclusion Policy.

Donations and refund policy.

ADD International is a charitable organisation based in the UK and operating in developing countries around the world. We rely on the donations from the general pubic to run our programmes and work with disabled people living in poverty – and every penny counts. 

To make a donation:

If you have made an error in making your one-off donation or change your mind about contributing to ADD International, we will happily refund your donation, provided that you contact us within 14 days of the donation being made. Outside of this date, the decision will be made on a case by case basis. Please note that if you made your donation by card, your refund will be credited to the same card. 

To request a refund for your one-off donation, please call 0300 303 8835 or supportercare@add.org.uk and include your full name, address and the donation amount you would like refunded.

If you become aware that your card has been used fraudulently, please contact your card provider.