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Open Information Policy.

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Our open information policy.

Why do we need an open information policy?

ADD International is committed to the principle of transparency in our operations.

This policy has a double purpose:

  • To guide all staff and the whole organisation for open sharing of information.
  • To inform people outside ADD International what they can expect or demand, in terms of information, from ADD International.

This policy describes how and what minimum information ADD International will share proactively with the general public, following the principles of availability, integrity and confidentiality (in priority order).

These are our commitments:

  • We believe in being transparent in our work and accountable to our key stakeholders, in the UK and overseas, with our partners, donors, staff, suppliers, host governments and in particular with disabled people around the world.
  • We believe that the timely free flow of information in simple and accessible language, form and format is essential for ensuring accountability, learning, trust and effectiveness.
  • We keep an eye on costs and work within our capacity to accommodate requests, which means we may not be able to provide answers to everything. So we retain the right to say how much or little information we’re able to provide in response to queries.

Exclusions Policy

There will be certain circumstances in which the level of detail will be restricted.  These will be judged on a case by case basis when one or more of the following circumstances apply:

  • When it is considered that detailed disclosure might put the personal safety of ADD International staff, partners, or beneficiaries at risk (e.g. in an unstable political, or social, environment)
  • When it is considered that disclosure might put the work and assets of ADD International, or a partner organization at risk (e.g. in an environment where human rights activities are suppressed by government sanction, official or otherwise)
  • If the information is commercially sensitive (e.g. tendering)
  • Where we consider that the cost of disclosure, whether as a time cost or a monetary cost, would be disproportionate to the request, we may decline disclosure but will explain that this is the reason. For example, we may decline to provide information to requests made in United Kingdom about our international programme work in other countries where this would take up significant staff time in our programme.
  • When an agreement to protect donor anonymity applies to a specific project, or activity
  • Information relating to organizational plans under development
  • Personal details of our supporters, partners, donors and staff
  • Legal matters under negotiation
  • Intellectual property or other information provided to us under obligation of confidentiality

How to make a request of information.

Requests for information can be made in writing to:

ADD International, Supporter Care
The Foundry
17 Oval Way
SE11 5RR

or get in touch via e-mail (

We endeavour to respond promptly and without delay. All requests should be responded to within 30 days, unless there is a compelling reason why this is not practical.

Freedom of information and privacy policy.

ADD International is registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom (Action on Disability and Development). It is not a public body and so is not subject to the United Kingdom Freedom of Information Act 2000.

This policy is subject to United Kingdom and European Union data protection and privacy legislation. Accordingly we will not disclose data about living individuals where this is prohibited under applicable law. For more information, see our privacy policy at

Copyright: How can you use the information disclosed by ADD International?

All materials provided as part of this policy, including all photos, are owned by Action on Disability and Development, and they can be printed and used for personal purposes only. You can copy or print extracts from this website for such purpose only and without alteration, addition or deletion.  Any other use requires the written permission of Action on Disability and Development.  All rights reserved.

Any request to reproduce copyrighted material should be referred to

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