Specioza wears an orange shift, her gardening hoe leans on her shoulder as she tends to her plans. She is smiling to the camera.

Specioza, a disability rights activist in Uganda.

Specioza’s Story

Specioza lives in Luweero, Uganda. She is disabled and a single mother to three children. During COVID-19 she struggled to earn enough money to provide for her family.

Building Self-Esteem.

“Covid was difficult. There was no business. It was so challenging. We had no food to eat, we were struggling. We learnt from the lockdown – if you grow your own food you don’t have to rely on the market. Even if there is a lockdown you can still survive.

Now I sell tomatoes, eggplants, onions and herbs. I used to buy from others to sell, so I decided to grow my own. I thought it was better to plant a few things myself so I don’t have to spend more money buying them.

Specioza stands amidst green plants holding gardening tools and some freshly harvested aubergines.

It gives me peace. With the money I earned from my vegetables I bought some land, built a house and live there with my children. It helps me pay their school fees. I can dress my children. We have a good life.

Others can earn in this way. They will benefit from learning new life skills and building self-esteem. 

Previously people with disability used to think they cannot do things, but when they are given a chance to learn new skills, they succeeded.

The project will help with new skills and building self-esteem and help people to believe in them.”

Homegrown Leaders.

The 100% Homegrown appeal raised money for a project led by women like Specioza in Uganda.

The aim of this group of disability rights activists is to support other disabled people in their community to set up their own kitchen garden. Through this approach they hope more people can be self sufficient and earn an independent income.

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