Daniel, a young man is holding a microphone in front of a banner giving a speech.

Daniel, a young leader in Tanzania.

Activists’ Stories.

Read stories from the frontline of disability activism in Africa and Asia.

Millions of disabled people face a life of poverty and exclusion.

We support disability rights activists tackling discrimination and ensuring disability justice in their communities. Get to know some of the remarkable people we partner with.

Young Leaders.

Young disability rights activists in Tanzania, Sudan, and Cambodia are tackling discrimination, improving access to services and strengthening the disability rights movement in their communities.


“I want to use my skills, experience, knowledge and voice to advocate for people with disability, so that everyone can know and realise their rights.”


“My twin brother and I both have albinism. As we grew up, the kind of discrimination we faced was very intense.

elkhansa, sudan.

“I have learnt I am not only working for myself, but for future generations, and not just for my country but for all disabled persons.”


“Before joining ADD I was very afraid but now I feel inspired to move forward. I’ve had the chance to do things I had never done before.”

daniel, TANZANIA.

Our work begins as a conversation. Disability activists tell us the change they want to make and what they need to make it happen.


Together we develop a package of long term support to help activists access the tools and resources they need to make change happen.

Women Empowerment and Leadership.

Within the disability rights movement, women’s organisations are underfunded. Through our new participatory grant-making model, we aim to address this imbalance by providing more funding to disabled women.


“We have been so proud of our work with ADD International. You give us money and trust to let us plan ourselves at a local level.”

Puspha, Bangladesh

“I thought there was no one like me. I still shed tears recalling those days. I couldn’t participate in the decision making process in my family.”

Activist Leaders and Organisations.

ADD International aims to highlight and combat the social construction of disability. We believe disability is the process which happens when one group of people create barriers by designing a world only for their way of living, taking no account of human diversity. In front of these physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers, people with impairments become disabled.


“I was born from my mother but it was ADD that helped me to come out of my home, who gave me capacity and confidence to speak about disability” 


“ADD took a chance on us and now we are helping hundreds of disabled people to live healthy happy lives.”

aneth & fuwativa, tanzania.

“We were 15 deaf women that came together to advocate for deaf rights. Since then we’ve grown and supported over 250 deaf women”

PETER & SNUPA, Uganda.

Together we develop a package of long term support to help activists access the tools and resources they need to make change happen.