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Aneth Gerana Isaya, Disability Activist, Tanzania.

Young Leaders Appeal

You can help build a world where young disabled people can lead change. Donate today and your donation will be doubled.

ADD International is an ally to the global disability movement.

We partner with disability activists in Africa and Asia to help them access the tools, resources and support they need to build powerful movements for change.



Around 15% of the world's population live with a disability


80% of disabled people live in the developing world


People with impairments are often the last to benefit from aid programmes

A disability activist in Bangladesh walking along a rural street smiling

Partnering with disability activists.

The global movement for disability equality is powered by the drive, vision and courage of disability activists. Often disabled themselves, they have the passion to fight for change. It’s their lives and their communities at stake.

Meet the Activists

Peter, Uganda

Peter, Uganda

Frontline Activist

Peter is an albinism activist in Uganda where there are still many myths attached to albinism, including that persons with albinism are cursed, are punishments from the gods, are ghosts, have supernatural powers, or do not die.

Shamim, Bangladesh

Shamim, Bangladesh

COVID-19: Voices from the field.

When you meet 28-year-old Shamim, you know he is a person full of drive and passion to help others. Starting out as a young activist he has been fighting for the rights of disabled people in Bogura, Bangladesh for over fifteen years and has been on the frontline of COVID-19 response work.

disability activist

Rashid, Disability Activist, Tanzania.


"If disabled people didn't have activist groups to allow us to speak out, to have the same voice, then we would be left behind with no help."

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