Srey Oun’s Story.

Income for Independence.

Srey Oun, 23 years old, is a woman with a disability who is part of Vannet’s group. She is currently dependent on family but would love to set up her own small business and become independent. 

“I remember when Vannet came to my house and explained about the women and children with disabilities group. I was excited and wanted to join. Now, I take part regularly in group meetings. 

“Since joining the group I feel more comfortable and confident and I’ve learnt a lot. We’ve learnt about disability rights, financial literacy and business entrepreneurship.  

Srey Oun in her home.

“I would like to start my own business but I don’t have the funds.  I’d like to sell small groceries. I applied for a job at the government factory but I was rejected because of my disability. They thought I wouldn’t be able to do the work.  

“At home I do a lot of household chores, cooking and washing. I also help out harvesting rice. 

“I live with my mother. It’s just us. Currently she has travelled to another province to earn money through cooking. I miss her a lot. My auntie lives close and checks on me everyday. Sometimes she shares some of her food with me. 

“Previously the woman’s group was meeting every month, now it’s about every two months.  

“We’ve done trainings and learnt about self care and hygiene. We’ve also learnt about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 

“In the group I can raise issues I have experienced and discuss with the group. Together we come up with solutions I can take away.  

“In the meeting I can also listen to the concerns of other women and support them.” 

Unlock Independence.

Support women with disabilities like Srey Oun to start their own business, and earn an independent income.