Contact details for staff with safeguarding responsibility.

Safeguarding Contacts.

Below you will find contact details for key staff and trustees within ADD who have responsibility for safeguarding.

Staff members who have a complaint or concern relating to safeguarding should report it immediately to their line manager. If the staff member does not feel comfortable reporting to their line manager (for example if they feel that the report will not be taken seriously, or if that person is implicated in the concern) they may report to any of the Safeguarding Focal Point at country level, the designated Lead Officer for Safeguarding in ADD International based in the UK, or directly to the Chief Executive, or the Trustee Focal Point on the Board. Anyone who is not a member of staff is welcome to report it to any of the below.

The full safeguarding policy can be found here.

We also have a specific email address you can use to contact us confidentially (and anonymously should you wish) about any safeguarding / whistleblowing issues –

If you have any accessibility requirements or require this information in an alternative format please get in touch with us through the email above or by contacting any of the contacts below by phone or email.

Contact Details for Key ADD International Staff with Responsibility for Safeguarding

Contact Details for Country-Level Safeguarding Focal Points