Jamila and Yumna, Disability Justice Activists, Tanzania.

New Year’s Resolutions

What are our New Year’s Resolutions for Disability Justice?

This year we are committed to funding and supporting disability justice movements, shifting power to them, and mentorship of young leaders with disability. This will be achieved by ensuring that organisations of persons with disabilities and disability justice activists are given the power to decide how and what they want to implement for disability justice.

Organisations of persons with disabilities and disability justice activists will be involved in some activities like inclusive education programs, mental health support, independent income generation for persons with disabilities, and gender-based violence support.

Our key focus for 2024.

Funding and support

Following our Unlocking Change appeal last year, we want to see more funding given to disability justice activists and more support for their ideas. Activists themselves know best what needs to be done.


We will be launching our Global Disability Leadership Academy with an aim to grow the leadership of Disability Justice Activists in Africa and Asia through mentoring, support and collaboration. 

Shifting Power

We are committed to getting back to our roots and working in solidarity with disability justice movements in everything we do, by shifting power, more resources and opportunities to them.

Supporting and Funding Activists.

Disability Justice Activists in Africa and Asia know best what needs to be done for Disability Justice and this year, we are committed to providing them with the funding and support they need to make this happen.

Zenna is a young woman with a disability who took part in a grant-making panel to make grants to young disability justice activists in Tanzania.

Persons with disabilities know the exact challenges they face, they know what is in their community and the possible solutions that can be implemented to support fellow persons with disabilities for change. The only challenge they have is access to funds.

Zenna, Disability Justice Activist, Tanzania.

How can you support disability justice this year?

There are so many ways you can get involved with raising money for ADD International. Regular gifts and money raised through community events makes a huge difference to ADD and the disability activists we support. Below are a few ways you can do this.


The best way to help is through a monthly direct debit. This is such an easy, straightforward way to regularly donate to ADD International. Every month, you will know that your gift is helping support disability justice. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to think about it. Everything takes care of itself.

Give as you Live.

Did you know you can raise money for ADD International when you shop online?

Over 6,000 online stores will enable you to donate to ADD International without any extra cost to you.

Not only that but Give as you Live will donate £1 to ADD International for every new supporter who signs up before February 29th. So, get clicking and shopping!

Giving through Work.

Here are the different ways you can give through work:

CAF Give As You Earn

Did you know you can set up a straightforward, tax-effective way of your employees giving to ADD International as they earn, with no extra cost to your organisation?

Matched Giving

You can also encourage the engagement of your employees by matching the funds they raise through charitable activities or that they donate to ADD International or other charities.

Some employers set up their own schemes, of which there is much information online. CAF also offers a scheme that you can customise to suit your company.

Are you an employee?

Many employers run schemes whereby you can donate money as you earn (give as you earn) and some will match your charitable donations made over a year, both of which are outlined above.

Take on a challenge or organise an event for Disability Justice.

You can raise money for ADD International in your local community or workplace. From a cake sale to climbing a mountain, you can raise valuable funds for ADD and get your friends and family involved. Here are some ideas below:

run a sale

Jumble sale, book sale, auction and raffle, arts and crafts: All these ideas go down a treat at local school fairs, church halls, community centres or street fairs and parties. Ask for donations of books, clothes etc, then donate the money made selling them to ADD International. You can also ask friends, family and local businesses to donate goods which you can then auction or raffle. If you or people you know are good at creating things, you could hold an event where people knit, sew or make jewelry then sell their creations to raise money for us.


International food evening, cake sale, afternoon tea: Food is a fundamental, and a fantastic way to bring a community together. For an international food evening, participants could each cook a dish from a country of their choice and other participants put in money for their favorite. Or if you have a sweet tooth, get some of your friends, family, or colleagues making their signature baked culinary delight and sell them at work, home or a community event.  You could equally just prepare a delicious afternoon tea or supper at your house and ask people for a donation in return.

Paula, a white woman in sports wear and a runner number stands with arms outstretched on a running course.


Climb a mountain, run a marathon, complete an epic bike ride, abseil: If you’ve always wanted to take on this kind of exciting challenge, doing it to raise money for ADD International is a great opportunity. It’s so simple to set up, via our Just Giving Page. And if those challenges sound a little bit too adventurous for you, you could complete a walk or run with a distance of your choice, organise a charity football game, do a sponsored swim at your local pool, setting yourself a target.

Bring your own vinyl nights. You could even set up a bring your own vinyl night, a dance competition, a charity gig night, a quiz night, or a karaoke night.

How to get started

You may have your own brilliant ideas. No matter how simple or silly or ambitious they sound we can help you organise them. You can begin by setting up a Just Giving page and start raising money for ADD International.

If you have any questions about any of the above or would like help and support in setting up an event or challenge please contact Emily Hannah, our Supporter Care Co-ordinator on 0300 303 8835 or email her at emily.hannah@add.org.uk