Mtiririko – ADD New Strategy Launch Webinar

How do you truly shift power to activists?

We held a webinar on 19th March 2024 to discuss our new strategy, “Mtiririko.” meaning “Flow.” At the event, our Co-CETOs Mary Ann Clements and Fredrick Ouko shared about the strategy and how our new approach will shift power to disability justice activists.

Mary Ann, ADD's Co-Chief Executive, is smiling to camera in a red dress with arms behind her back.

“We want to give decision making power to persons with disabilities. We want developed mechanisms where they make their own funding decisions and choices rather than ADD making these decisions for them.”

Mary Ann, ADD Co-Chief Executive Transformation Officer

The webinar involved speakers like Run Vireak, a young leader from Cambodia, Zenna Akuwa, a disability justice activist from Tanzania, and Callum Aitken, International Development Advisor at People’s Postcode Lottery who talked about how increasing the flow of funding and resources to disability justice activists is key to our new approach.

The session was opened by our ambassador, paralympian and inclusion campaigner, Anne Wafula Strike.

We are delighted to receive an award from Postcode International Trust thanks to funds raised by players of People‚Äôs Postcode Lottery.

Callum Aitken, the International Development Advisor at People’s Postcode Lottery had this to say during the webinar.

“Persons with disabilities are often labelled as helpless and unable. Working with ADD through their participatory grant making model has made us more confident as a funder to work in this space. Unrestricted funding brings us closer to the heart of an organisation, what they truly believe in, and what they do.”


Disability Justice Activists share about Mtiririko.

Disability justice activists want more decision-making power, better access to resources, and unrestricted funding. Mtiririko will clearly demonstrate this.

“Making funding decisions without involving persons with disabilities feels like you are adding a disability to them.”

Zenna, Chef and Disability Justice Activist

Mtiririko also aims to empower disability justice activists by giving them leadership and decision-making skills.

“I have received leadership training under ADD’s leadership program in Cambodia. As a young leader with disability, I have gotten a platform that has empowered me and given me a chance to participate in the disability justice movement.”

Vireak, Disability Justice Activist Cambodia

Watch the webinar recording below.

Our New Approach.

In this video, ADD Co-CEOs Fredrick Ouko and Mary Ann Clements discuss how this approach is getting back to our roots as a supporter and funder of Disability Justice Activism.

About the Speakers.

Anne a black athlete is racing in a wheelchair. It is an action show at an athletics event.

Anne Wafula Strike

Paralympian, Keynote Speaker, Inclusion Campaigner.

Vireak a young Cambodian man holds a microphone giving a speech in a garden.

Run Vireak

Disability Justice Activist, Cambodia.

Zenna Akuwa

Disability Justice Activist, Tanzania.

Callum Aitken

International Development Advisor, People’s Postcode Lottery.

Mary Ann, ADD's Co-Chief Executive, is smiling to camera in a red dress with arms behind her back.

Mary Ann Clements

Co-Chief Executive and Transformation Officer, ADD International.

Fredrick sitting in his wheelchair in an office room smiling to camera wearing a light checkered shirt.

Fredrick Ouko

Co-Chief Executive and Transformation Officer, ADD International.



We are excited to launch our new strategy! This is an overview of our approach for the next 10 years.


Recently, ADD engaged disability justice activists and organizations of persons with disabilities in the review of its new strategic framework, Mtiririko.