Eva, disability justice activist in Tanzania.

Music for Change.

Eva’s Story.

Eva is a young, determined disability justice activist who has faced discrimination and exclusion. Her idea? To tackle stigma in her community
through the power of music. But even with a brilliant plan, Eva faces a hurdle: funding. That’s where your support can become Eva’s tool for change.

When Eva was seven years old she developed a serious visual impairment. In spite of this, she pursued her education and completed her degree.

Now, she works as a teacher and is a talented musician. She has faced many challenges in this journey and continues to do so today. She is passionate about making real and lasting change for disabled people in her community.

People with disabilities are very skilled and should be given a chance to lead.


She has witnessed projects that have not consulted people with disabilities and fail because they lack the deep understanding of lived experience. Now, she is launching her own project to improve life for disabled people in Tanzania.

Unlocking Access to Public Transport.

Eva’s village is served by a reliable bus service which takes people into town. However, many disabled people face the distressing reality of being refused on board by bus drivers. This injustice is something Eva wants to change. Hear how, in Eva’s own words:

“Moving from one place to another is quite a challenge for persons with disabilities in my country.

“When a driver sees a person with a disability, they assume you want to take the bus without paying the fare, sometimes they even just drive away.

“I want to engage bus drivers and conductors to raise awareness and change their attitudes and perceptions towards persons with disabilities.”

Tackling discrimination.

Eva has also experienced verbal abuse and name calling. She feels overlooked while knowing that she has much to offer. She wants disabled people to be
taken seriously and respected in her community, including making sure they have equal access to education, something she herself has had to fight
for. She intends to advocate for change in these areas using her skills and experience as a musician.

Eva is campaigning against discrimination on public transport.

She wants to write songs targeting bus drivers to challenge stigma.

“I want to record music that raises awareness and advocates for inclusion of persons with disabilities. I will record two songs; the first song is about using appropriate and inclusive language. Often, people use very bad names when calling persons with disabilities. People should learn to refer to us by our names and not by disability.

“The second song will be about advocating for persons with disabilities to be given a chance as leaders in the community, and it will also advocate for inclusive education for children with disabilities.”

Who decides?

Eva was part of a participatory grant-making session, in which her idea was judged by a panel of disabled young people from Tanzania. The panel members know from their own lived experience the reality of the challenges Eva is highlighting and why her methods will succeed. ADD provided the vital funding and support, and was led by the panel in terms of which ideas to take forward.

“The approach by ADD to involve persons with disabilities as judges throughout the review and selection of the proposals was very thoughtful because persons with disabilities understand the challenges they face in the community and the specific needs required.”

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