Sokhak, a young disabled leader is wheeling her scooter up to a building in Cambodia.

Sokhak, a young disabled leader in Cambodia.

Our work in Asia

What we do.

We have offices in Bangladesh and Cambodia and are expanding to support the disability rights movement more broadly across the region through participatory grant-making.

We run a series of projects focusing on inclusive education and employment, climate-resilient work and mental health provision for disabled people.

Community-based mental health work in Bangladesh.

Stigma in Bangladesh towards people with a mental health condition can be oppressive. We are working to raise community awareness
and undertake national advocacies to help improve access to services.

In Bangladesh, it is estimated that between 15%-35% of the population have a mental health problem. The prevalence of mental health challenges demands more attention and intervention.

With support from Comic Relief we are delivering a 4 year community-based mental health project focused on children and young people.

We are working with disability rights activists to challenge mental health stigma, negative stereotypes, and discrimination.

Tackling gender-based violence in Cambodia.

Disabled people are often left out of programmes seeking to address gender-based violence. The Join Us for Social Transformation (JUST) project in Cambodia makes sure they are included.

Through the project, ADD is delivering training on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion to government officials working on prevention of gender-based violence and promotion of disability inclusion.

As a woman with a disability, I have faced double discrimination. It’s this discrimination that makes me feel more determined to make change. I want to make my rights known, so we listen to young women with disability, instead of overlooking them. I know there is a legal framework to support my power for change, which encourages me to advocate for others.

Sokhak, Young Leader in Cambodia.

Supporting disability rights activists and organisations in the region.

Alongside and through our project work, we support disability rights activists and organisation of people with disabilities through funding, collaboration and training.

By mapping and strengthening the disability rights movement in these areas we are able to convene and support it for learning and collaboration.

Find out more about some of the organisations and activists we support.

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