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Inclusive Education

Children at school in Tanzania

Inclusive Education.

Everyone has the right to an education, a right to learn, a right to a future where they can make the best of the life they are born in to. No matter what you want to do with your life, you'll need some form of education to do it.

Denying disabled children an education causes lifelong harm.

Without an education, disabled children are deprived of the chance to learn, to explore their talents and to build futures filled with opportunity. Exclusion reinforces separation between disabled and non-disabled children. Exclusion strengthens stigma. Exclusion condemns disabled children to a future of poverty and isolation.

Fighting for education for all.

At ADD International we understand it’s not just about getting individual children into school but about permanently dismantling the barriers that keep disabled children excluded.

That’s why we partner with disability activists to tackle stigma and transform attitudes. We work together to empower disabled children and their families to access an education; we work with teachers and schools to help deliver inclusive environments, and together we hold powerholders to account for prioritising financial resources for inclusive education.

An inclusive classroom, Uganda

Education for all in Tanzania

Since 2012, we have been working with disability activists in Tanzania to get disabled children into school, where they belong.

Meet Education Activists

Hassani, Tanzania

Hassani, Tanzania

Disability Activist

Hassani Kambangwa is a proud and passionate disability activist working on securing education for all children in Tanzania. Here he tells us why working on disability rights inspires him.

Isaac, disability activist, Tanzania.
Isaac, disability activist, Tanzania.

Isaac, Project Manager, ADD International.

"In our country, especially in rural areas, people have a negative perception of disabilities. Cultural practices are the biggest problem but also inadequate facilities of learning in school.

Most of our schools, they don’t have skilled teachers on disabilities, there is no infrastructure which is accessible to children with disabilities, so parents they feel that there is no need of taking kids to school."

Let's build movements together.

Millions of disabled people in Africa and Asia are still condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion. Right now, organisations of disability activists are working to fight discrimination and ensure every disabled person gets a fighting chance at living their best life. They urgently need your support.