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Welcoming Mary Ann

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Welcoming Mary Ann.

Say hello to our new Chief Transformation Officer.

We are so pleased to welcome Mary Ann Clements who joins ADD as our new Chief Transformation Officer (Interim CEO).

Mary Ann has worked in international development spaces for over 20 years and was Executive Director of Able Child Africa from 2004 to 2011.

Since 2011 she has worked as an independent consultant with International NGOs, funders and the public sector on a whole range of issues related to funding, partnership, wellbeing and power. She has also co-facilitated a number of processes designed to help build anti-racist practice in international development and philanthropy spaces.

Re-imagining development.

Over the past three years Mary Ann has also co-created Healing Solidarity, a project that provides resources to support the re-imagining of international development and help us build solidarity that heals, rather than perpetuates injustice.

As a disability rights organisation with 35 years of experience we know that we need to change and adapt for the context in which we find ourselves, changed by the pandemic, challenged by Black Lives Matter and embracing the uncertainty of these times.

It is fitting for Mary Ann to join us at this time when we have committed to re-imagining how our organisations works. She will lead a process in which we seek to define and build an organisation of the future; rooted in the lived experience of disabled people in the countries we work in.

Building powerful, equitable movements for change.

ADD was founded in 1985 to support the liberation of disabled people and their rejection of ways in which their voices and issues were marginalised. Over the coming months, Mary Ann will be working with disability activists, our staff, partners, our board and others across the sector to re-envision ADD for these times while ensuring that we stay focused on that core purpose.

She will take forward our commitment to ensuring that the future of our work centres lived experience and that our organisation is a place where the most marginalised have a voice and making sure that our work supports disability activists working in areas of extreme poverty in Africa and Asia, to build powerful movements for change.

This will mean us shifting more power and decision making to our offices, teams, partners and disability activists in the South and working to ensure that we are clear about a role for ADD in the global movement for disabled people’s rights that is both sustainable and equitable into the future. Mary Ann joins us as an interim leader charged with supporting ADD to manage this process and ensure that we are the most effective ally possible to the global disability movement.

Mary Ann, our new interim CTO