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Tanzania, Inclusive Education

A young girl at school in Tanzania

Education for all, Tanzania.

Since 2012, we have been working with disability activists in Tanzania to get disabled children into school, where they belong.

In Tanzania, most disabled children never get the chance to get a good education.

Disabled children are often stigmatised and viewed as unable to learn and so are rarely encouraged to go to school. Sometimes, they’re even hidden away by their families.

While Tanzania has made significant policy progress on inclusive education, implementation has been poor, hampered by weak capacity and a lack of ring fenced budgets to make sure the work happens.

School environments are often physically inaccessible, teachers are not trained in how to engage all their students and there is a lack of inclusive resources such as Braille textbooks.

Tools, skills and resources are urgently required so that the right to an education can be enjoyed by everyone.

Partnering with activists

We partner with disability activists in Tanzania to empower disabled children and their families to access an education. We work with teachers and schools to help them deliver inclusive environments, and together we hold powerholders to account to deliver on their obligations.

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Here's how it works:

1. Break down stigma

Together with our disability activist partners, we train village leaders to go door to door to find disabled children who are often hidden away at home. We work with parents to break down stigma and change attitudes, so parents see their child has the potential to learn and flourish and enrols him or her into school.

2. Create inclusive schools

We help teachers access training in how to assess the needs of disabled children and how to deliver adapted curricula. We collaborate with local powerholders to ensure school environments are physically accessible - from the classroom to the bathrooms.

3. Influence power holders

We partner with disability activists to hold power holders to account and engage them in fully implementing policies for disabled children’s rights. They work to ensure an enabling policy environment and that inclusive education is available, accessible, properly resourced and financed.

Our Impact

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1,404 students

We have helped enrol 1,404 children with disabilities in primary or pre-primary school.

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1,174 teachers

We have trained 1,174 teachers in how to teach children with different impairments.

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3 training colleges

The government have supplied 3 teacher training colleges with inclusive learning and teacher resources

Siporah Henry Tenga, District Education Officer


District Education Officer.


"Families often hide their disabled children. They don’t want other people to know there is a disabled child living there. ADD International works with organisations of disability activists. They go to the villages to raise awareness about disability rights. They advise the community not to hide disabled children away, but to send them to school instead. Parents are now starting to understand that children living with disabilities deserve an education."

Meet the project team, Tanzania

Meet the activists, teachers and community members who have helped more disabled children in Tanzania go to school.

A classroom in Tanzania

Lessons from our work.

We asked disabled children in Tanzania to review our work and tell us what we are doing right and what we need to improve.

Let's build movements together.

Millions of disabled people in Africa and Asia are still condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion. Right now, organisations of disability activists are working to fight discrimination and ensure every disabled person gets a fighting chance at living their best life. They urgently need your support.