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A Seat at the Table.

Disability activist, Bangladesh

A Seat at the Table Urgent Appeal.

This winter, help disability activists in Bangladesh get a seat at the table and dismantle the barriers that keep disabled people excluded. All donations will be matched by philanthropists!

Denied a voice: denied a future.

In Bangladesh, millions of disabled people face a future of poverty, dependency and exclusion. Without political voice or representation, disabled people have no opportunity to advocate for the issues affecting their lives or demand the solutions they need.

What's the situation?

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Disabled people are often seen as weak and worthless and excluded from their communities

uneven scales


Many disabled people are not aware they have rights or don't know how to claim them


Disabled people living in cyclone and flood areas are often excluded from disaster prevention measures

Empowering activists to claim their rights.

At ADD International we understand it’s not just about getting individual voices of disabled people heard, but about permanently dismantling the barriers that keep disabled people excluded in the first place.

That's why we’re partnering with organisations of disability activists to support 15,000 disabled people in disaster prone areas of Bangladesh, to influence powerholders and have their say in the decisions that affect their lives, from work opportunities to accessible flood shelters.

What we hope to achieve


disabled people will access local services and resources to improve their social, political and economic resilience

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disabled people will increase their understanding of disability rights and the role they can play in advocating for policy changes.

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disabled people will be in leadership positions within local organisations of disabled people, and participating in local governance.

Sultan Gazi, Bangladesh.

Real people. Real stories.

Meet the activists we've partnered with to help tackle disability stigma in Bangladesh.

We urgently need your support.

With your help, we want to raise enough money to support disability activists in Bangladesh to influence powerholders, from the local to the national level, to create better life opportunities for themselves and 60,000 family and community members.

Whatever you can afford to give to our 'Seat at the Table' appeal, your gift will be matched by philanthropists, meaning that we can reach twice as many disabled people!