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Safe Futures

Addressing a complex challenge.

In Cambodia, women and girls with disability face multiple, compounding challenges. Most live in poverty, and many are victims of violence. Funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, we are partnering with local disability activists to try and tackle some of these challenges.

Empowering Activists.

A core component of our work is to strengthen the capacity of groups of people with disability - self-help groups and Disabled People’s Organisations - to prevent violence and identify and refer survivors of violence to appropriate services - including legal services, counselling, health care, and physical and emotional rehabilitation services.

Learning from what we do.

The intervention has completed its first year, and we have compiled a learning paper of our key observations. The challenge is complex. While learning is emerging and some areas of practice show promise, it is too early to consider these reflections as indications of patterns to replicate. However, we have identified emerging learning and potential practice, grouped by observations on possible ways to reduce violence, the role and process of capacity building and the prevalence and nature of disability-based violence.