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Preventing Violence, Cambodia

An activist taking notes during a meeting

Preventing Violence, Cambodia.

Read our action research paper on the lessons we've learned to reduce violence against disabled women and girls in Cambodia.

Poverty, gender and violence in Cambodia.

For women with disabilities, gender-based violence is often compounded by disability-based discrimination. Unfortunately, too many services that are meant to protect women do not take into account the unique dangers and challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities.

In Cambodia, violence is often not disclosed. Survivors of, and those vulnerable to violence, are often not aware of their rights under existing laws or services available to support them. In rural areas, women and girls, face multiple problems in accessing justice and support services.

Inclusive interventions.

In 2018, ADD International partnered with 6 other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and Organisations of Disabled Persons (ODPs) to change this. Together, we initiated a project to address the root causes of violence.

Learning from what we do.

This research learning paper aims to share key insights from this work. Women with disabilities who have directly experienced violence led the research process from designing questions to analysing findings. We hope it can help guide policymakers, NGOs, ODPs, services providers, and activists in how to create effective primary prevention to protect women and girls with disabilities from violence.