Players of People’s Postcode Lottery supporting disability justice.

Supporting disability justice through participatory grant-making

We are delighted to receive an award from Postcode International Trust thanks to funds raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery  . These funds will support our work in resourcing disabled people’s activism and nurture their leadership.

Our new strategy “Mitiririko” focuses on increasing the flow of resources and power to disability justice activists and Postcode International Trust is helping us to make this a reality. They are one of our first funders to back our new strategy and we are very grateful for this.

Through our new strategy, we shall be able to support disability justice activists with funding and resources, through participatory grant-making and leadership training and mentoring. This year, we are starting participatory grant-making processes in Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Ghana.

Committing to transformation and disability justice

It is widely documented that not enough flexible funding is made available for civil society organisations to survive, thrive, adapt and innovate. Within the disability sector specifically, there is even less flexible funding available. The funding that is available, mainly goes to large external agencies, rather than organisations that are led by disabled people in the majority world. Disabled people are powerful agents for change but are too often overlooked and blocked from accessing the resources they need to make change.

We are immensely grateful for the solidarity with and trust in disability justice movements that Postcode International Trust has demonstrated by providing unrestricted funding for them through ADD.

At the launch of our new strategy, we had Callum the International Development Advisor at People’s Postcode Lottery take part as one of the speakers.

“Persons with disabilities are often labelled as helpless and unable. Working with ADD through their participatory grant making model has made us more confident as a funder to work in this space. Unrestricted funding brings us closer to the heart of an organisation, for example what they truly believe in, and what they do.” 


Postcode International Trust is committed to enable the creation of sustainable solutions that alleviate poverty, hunger and enable food security. They are a perfect ally of ADD’s journey away from traditional development towards a solidarity that heals injustice.

Building leadership for young people with disabilities

Initially, funding raised by players supported the Young Leaders’ Programme to help young people with disabilities build their leadership skills – helping us grow leadership and confidence for young people in Cambodia and Sudan.

Elkhansa sits at her laptop in the office. She wears a blue striped dress and grey headscarf.

‘‘It’s not just the practical skills I’ve learnt from the program, I’ve learnt the spirit of a team, working together, of cooperation and unity, I’ve learnt about other types of disability. It’s an amazing experience to understand other types of disability and know that we are a part of each other as a community. The most important thing I have gained is the power to defend my rights as a person with a disability.’’

Elkhansa, Young Leader, Sudan.  

We are really looking forward to a long-term partnership and travelling this journey together. 



We are excited to launch our new strategy! This is an overview of our approach for the next 10 years.

Tahiya, Dorice and Daniel, three young Tanzanian leaders are sitting in an office with laptops. Tahiya, a young woman with albinism is giving a presentation.


We want to support the global network of disability justice activists to become the next generation of change makers.