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Kaddush Moller, disability activist, Bangladesh

Kaddush's Story.

Disability Activist, Bangladesh.

"What has ADD International done for me?

ADD International brought the message of freedom, the message of rights for disabled people. They brought me out of my home. They helped me learn how to exercise and achieve my rights. They provided every support, from financial to technical, so that we can now run our organization. Before joining ADD International I was worried about my future. What shall I do? How will I employ myself? Will I l be able work at all in my lifetime? I can now say I am President of this disability federation. Now I know I have the right to live in this world.

Commitment and courage are important.

Unity brings courage. Today I went to the police station to discuss one of our filed abuse cases. I was firm in how the police should perform the enquiry. We are not going to give them bribes. I can play my role of assertion because of my strength. What strength? My group contains nearly 4,000 members.

It’s a long journey, this is a movement and we travel one step forward but there are still many things that are needed to be done.

Today I have a voice, I can assert myself. If ADD International were not here I would not have such a voice.

The community’s attitude towards the disabled used to be that we put forward our palms to beg. But now they know we are stretching our hands forward to say, ‘hold my hand, I want to cross the road by myself, I just need some help from you.” That’s why we have written a slogan ‘Not Charity, But Rights’.

We don’t want your mercy, we want our rights."

Kaddush and his activist colleagues

Let's build movements together.

Millions of disabled people in Africa and Asia are still condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion. Right now, disability activists like Kaddush are working to fight discrimination and ensure every disabled person gets a fighting chance at living their best life. They urgently need your support.

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