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Bangladesh Learning Paper DPOs

A disability activist in Bangladesh

Building Movements, Bangladesh.

Together, we are supporting disabled people to advocate for the issues affecting their lives and demand the solutions they need.

Empowering activists to claim their rights.

At ADD International we understand it’s not just about getting individual voices of disabled people heard, but about permanently dismantling the barriers that keep disabled people excluded in the first place.

That's why we’re partnering with organisations of disability activists to support 15,000 disabled people in disaster-prone areas of Bangladesh, to influence powerholders and have their say in the decisions that affect their lives, from work opportunities to accessible flood shelters.

About the project.

The project is being funded by the European Union to support 31 disabled persons' organisations and their members to achieve increased social, political and economic empowerment.

What we hope to achieve


disabled people will access local services and resources to improve their social, political and economic resilience.

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disabled people will increase their understanding of disability rights and the role they can play in advocating for policy changes.

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disabled people will be in leadership positions within local organisations of disabled people, and participating in local governance.

Learning from what we do.

This year we commissioned a study to review our progress working with disabled persons' organisations and to capture key lessons.

The study found that the formation of disability-focused organisations has helped local people with disabilities earn respect within their communities - from powerholders and service providers alike. Members of disabled persons' organisations are now aware of their rights and existing laws, however, the capacity to influence political processes, with some exceptions, is still developing.

A disability activist in Bangladesh smiling to camera

Learning from our work

Read our learning paper in full, outlining the lessons we have learned from our work with Disabled Person’s Organisations - the successes and challenges - and how to create a collective path forward.

Building change that lasts.

Once looked down upon, persons with disabilities now have a platform to raise their voices and organise for their rights. Through tireless engagement and participation, disabled persons' organisations are working hard to ensure persons with disabilities are given the same opportunities to prosper as other people.

Despite various challenges, disabled persons' organisations have succeeded in making a real difference in the lives of many persons with disabilities. This work needs to be supported and taken care of. The spirit, strength and courage of disabled persons' organisations must be utilised and sustained to help achieve a better world for persons with disabilities.