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Aun Yoin Story

A female disability activist smiling whilst listening at a meeting

Aun Yoin's Story.

Disability Activist, Cambodia.

Inclusion in Action.

Aun Yoin is part of the team, delivering our ‘Promoting the Dignity of Women’ project. In her role as ‘commune facilitator’, she helps establish self-help groups for people with disabilities in her commune and train local people on disability rights and preventing violence against women and girls. This awareness-raising has enabled members of the commune to consider the issues faced by disabled survivors of abuse.

In Cambodia, women and girls with disabilities face multiple and compounding challenges.

Most live in poverty, and many are victims of violence.

Survivors of and those vulnerable to abuse are often not aware of their rights and the services that are available to them.

Disability stigma and gender discrimination mean many family members do not recognise the potential of women and girls with disabilities.

Yoin sees this as unjust.

Working in the Commune Council office, Yoin is able to help women in her community who see her as a mentor. Yoin facilitates family conflicts dealing with between 10 to 14 cases a month.

Yoin feels very proud of her work.

So far, Yoin has supported twenty people with disabilities to receive assistive devices and two survivors of violence.

Let's build movements together.

Millions of disabled people in Africa and Asia are still condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion. Right now, organisations of disability activists are working to fight discrimination and ensure every disabled person gets a fighting chance at living their best life. They urgently need your support.

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