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Strategy and theory of change

Shamim, disability activist Bangladesh

A positive cycle of change.

Our strategy documents are at the core of everything we do and set out our plans in the years to come.

One billion people worldwide have a disability.

That's 1 person out of 7. However, disabled people are routinely excluded at all levels of society, and disability issues are not effectively addressed by civil society, non- governmental organisations and governments. ADD International’s vision is a world where all disabled people are free from discrimination and have equal opportunities within an inclusive society.

Our Strategic Framework was developed alongside a Theory of Change to guide and focus our work as we respond to the development needs of disabled people and the disability movement in the countries where we work. 

Three Strategic Objectives.

Three objectives guide everything we do, to ensure that disabled people living in poverty can live life to the full.

These aren’t just ADD’s goals. They were developed through an extensive consultation process involving members of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) from grassroots to national level, key individuals from the global disability rights movement, ADD staff in all country programmes and the UK, mainstream NGOs and INGOs, disability focused organisations and experts, human rights organisations, bilateral donor organisations and academics.

Our goals are:

1. Inclusion. Inclusion of disability focus by governments and service providers (including international actors) in development processes.

2. Access to services and resources. Through ADD International’s support, Disabled People's Organisations from grassroots to national level, have increased operational capacity to secure improved access to services and resources for their members.

3. Better representation and advocacy. Through ADD International’s support, Disabled People's Organisations from grassroots to national level have increased operational capacity to represent their members and advocate for respect of disabled people's rights.

Achieving our goals.

In order to achieve our mission and objectives, we will work in the following areas:

1. Strengthening Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs) to become more effective in bringing about practical positive change in the lives of disabled people.
2. Strengthening the disability movement as a whole to become more cohesive, representative, inclusive, and effective.
3. Working with non-DPOs to promote the rights, well-being and participation of disabled people.
4. Influencing powerholders to introduce and implement legislative and policy frameworks to fulfil their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
5. Promoting the inclusion of disability issues in all areas of development.

Our goals are long-term and aspirational – they won’t be achieved easily or quickly. Also, how we achieve those goals will be different in each country we work in. The Country Programme Strategies define how each goal will be achieved.

Our Theory of Change.

ADD International’s Theory of Change has been developed in parallel with this Strategic Framework. Within this Theory of Change, ADD International’s strategic role is to support and promote the empowerment of disabled people so that they can engage in all areas of life, thereby contributing to the creation of positive cycles of change. 

Read the Narrative description of our Theory of Change to see how it works or read our Theory of Change in full.

A visually impaired activist in Bangladesh

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